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electronomics has broad experience, and the ability to understand your needs, enabling you to focus on your business and your customers - electronomics is your excellent partner.



electronomics is a software engineering company, primarily focused on the fintech domain, that is driven by a natural focus and a deep passion for the art of software engineering. It strongly urges to be in the forefront of the industry, embracing new challenges as well, following the constantly developing tech and adapting to its customers increasing requirements and demands.

electronomics is already known for having both broad and deep knowledge inside the fintech domain along with a domain driven and agile approach when systemizing and engineering simple and clever solutions to the customer's problem. This is what electronomics describe as: "the ability to give the customer what they need instead of what they want, or even worse, just think they want".



immense knowledge and true dedication

Senior Software Engineer -- electronomics


Embarking on a brand new and mighty journey! Building my own company and brand, consulting as a senior software engineer and senior software architect, systems specialist, technical leader, coach or trainer.

Implementation Specialist -- Aptic ARC

Freelancing, full-time implementation specialist of the debt collection system Aptic ARC Collect, for the debt collection solicitor Kredinor. I have primarily participated in two different projects: onboarding Kredinor's new big Swedish bank client Nordea and automating Kredinor's payment processes.

Lecturer -- Teknikhögskolan 

Planning, preparing, lecturing and examining Frontend Web Development on the .NET Developer Programme at Teknikhögskolan.




For as long as I can remember, I have been into tech, problem solving and writing code. It all started with my very own Nintendo 8-bit, my neighbors' Amiga, and a home personal computer back in the late eighties and early nineties.

This early passion for bits and bytes moved onto programming scripts, small programs, simple user interfaces, websites, lab equipment and graph calculators during my school years.

I got early work life experience within the field, while working as a technician – programming electronics, programmable logic, and computer numerical controllers in Volvos' production. Continuing by programming, integrating, and interacting with more high-level systems.

Further onto programming business systems in the fintech domain, where I have covered a lot of ground such as bank, credit and loyalty cards, e-commerce, invoice service, factoring, debt collection, serving, debt enforcement, credits and handling financial instruments such as stocks, funds, treasury bonds, pledges and high value securities.

Today, I identify myself with the established unicorn idea of the 10x Software Engineer. But to me the concept means a lot more than just being 10 times as productive as the average Software Engineer. To me it means to have deep technical knowledge within ones' stack (in my case the Microsoft ecosystem for software development with C#, .NET, SQL and Azure), to have domain, business and industry knowledge vast enough to be able to lead also the business development (in my case FinTech in general and Debt Collection in particular), and finally be confidant, humble and pedagogic enough to mediate that knowledge, not only to colleagues, but also to less enlightened stakeholders.


I have had an almost lifelong dream of building something of my own, something lasting, something to be proud of, freeing my creativity and enabling me to fulfil my purpose – in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic I took the next step towards fulfilling this dream by starting electronomics! 



Gustav Nyberg




Gustav was a key player in the core DevOps team @ Untie. With a true passion for coding and a great eye for detail he produced some real quality work during the years we worked together. Gustav is one of the most skilled developers I have had the pleasure to manage and work with. I really hope that we cross paths in the future!

Magnus Axelsson

IT-tekniker at

Untie Group AB

Gustav is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in programming and systems security.



a vast and versatile network


Eva is an amazing co-worker and the kind of person that makes you feel seen, cared for and important both as a professional and person. When Gustav first started his position at Aptic she referred to herself as the "office mother" and she took really good care of her co-workers, making them feel welcomed, included, and like they belonged there. It was always simple and relaxed to be in her team, since all she demanded was loyalty, honesty and transparency, and in return she always stood up for you and for her team

Her own company, Eveda, incorporates all the core values of Eva and we are totally convinced that it has been a huge reason for her popularity among her customers, partners, and stakeholders, and that it will lead her company to amazing results.


As electronomics first external gig, we partnered up with Eveda for a project between Kredinor and Nordea. By having a huge trust in each other, and each others' strengths and weaknesses, we are able to frictionlessly, prestigelessly, honestly and openly communicate around requirements, specifications, as well as problems and challenges. We have been able to deliver, not only what the customers asked for, ordered, and thought they needed, but what they actually needed.


We are looking forward to a long and prosperous cooperation with Eva and Eveda also forth from this project. We want to give Eva, and Eveda, our warmest recommendations!

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